Mostly indiscernible, but always indispensable.

A label is a label is a label . . . but a label is also an advertising medium, image bearer and information tool on the product with the primary task of imparting worthwhile information to the customer.
After all, the first thing that attracts the customer’s attention after looking at the object is always the label, as it contains relevant details of the product consistency, size, origin, quality, the price and much, much more. A label, therefore, is much more than simply a label.

We print labels on silk, cotton and paper for application through adhesion, sewing, ironing on and attachment – labels which are round, angular, contoured, numbered, perforated, individual, on a roll or sheet, mono or multi-coloured and available in around 1.000 further variants... and, naturally enough, we would be delighted if we could develop the 1001st version especially for you. After all, nothing spurs us on more than the challenge of finding an individual solution tailored to suit our customers. Put us to the challenge.

Most of the label material are certified according to Öko-Tex 100 with product class 1. Certificates can be provided on request.

individual  imprints via TT-impression, e.g. for sequential barcode numbering

Thermal transfer foil for all kind of printers.
A distinction is made between :
  • Wax foil - suitable for printing paper
  • Resin foil - suitable for printing textile ribbons and/or labels - wash resistance
  • Wax/resin foil suitable for paper  and conditionally textile material. Wash resistance must be tested.

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